Architectural quality garden buildings at prices you can afford.
Meeting your needs with our modular designs, beautiful trim packages, home quality building techniques, and high quality materials.

How can we do it!

There is no reason why you can’t have a Shore Structure for the same price as a cheap big box sold shed!

How can we achieve such low prices:

  1. We build our modules in a workshop on fixtures that are pre-measured. No need to measure each board makes construction fast and efficient
  2. Eliminates need to work from ladders and scaffolding….more efficient
  3. Our houses are designed so that there is virtually no waste.  That’s why we offer modules in four foot increments.


No measuring…no ladders….no waste…..

We have low overhead…our designs are simple and elegant…..we don’t offer an excessive variety… can build the structure you need and want, but no more…..



  • Garden Building
  • Pool houses
  • Workshop
  • Potting shed
  • Storage
  • Dock storage
  • Hunters
  • Photo studio
  • Anything you can imagine!

Call us at 800/871-4193

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